Create your Signature Bottle of Gin at Belfast Artisan Gin School!

The Gin School Experience

Belfast Artisan Gin School is a fun experience where you will learn everything you need to know to distill your own unique signature full sized bottle of gin while enjoying a few G&Ts and a cocktail

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to Gin School & introduction

After being greeted with Gin & Tonic upon arrival, you will be guided to your very own Gin Station. Here you will find a mini pot still and your recipe card for you to create your very own Gin blend. We will introduce you to Belfast Artisan Distillery Gin and to some Gin Facts before walking you through the Gin School Experience journey. Then it’s time to get started on your creation.



your Botanicals

We have many botanicals for you to choose from to make your own unique blend. Whether you prefer citrus, fruit, floral spiced or a combination you will learn how to make your own unique flavour combining your botanicals. Your host will guide you on combinations and quantities to ensure you create a masterpiece with great flavour.



Your own Signature Blend

The mini copper stills are set and it is time to enjoy a cocktail while everyone waits for their Gin to start distilling. Once collected in glass beakers it is ready for the next stage.



And Label your Gin

Bottling and Labelling your gin with your personalised label is always good fun and of course you get to name your Gin Blend. Once sealed, then approved by your host, the bottle is ready for you to take home.



And Celebrate

Once your unique bottle is complete you are a Belfast Artisan Gin School graduate ready to leave with your very own Signature Bottle of Gin for you to share with friends and family… or keep to enjoy yourself!

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Our gin experiences

Individual Experience

Each individual will have their own Gin station with mini copper still and make their own individual signature blend bottle of Gin while enjoying a few G&Ts and a cocktail.

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Shared Experience

Two people will share a Gin station with one copper mini still and make one bottle of signature blend Gin. Both can enjoy G&Ts and a cocktail each.

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Group/Corporate Experience

We are very happy to take group bookings for private and corporate events. We can offer specialised packages for different events. Contact us or call Jo on 07960069337 for more information

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Seasonal Experiences

A programme of themed experiences will be available throughout the year e.g. Christmas, Valentines Day, Summer Beach party etc. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest events

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